Beacon Spot North America is currently in BETA release and new users should be cognizant of this fact while using the application. Any feedback, suggestions or feature requests that you wish to share with us may be done so at

Test beacon data has been loaded for the bands listed below and should not be viewed as comprehensive or accurate but should only be used for testing and evaluation.

  • 432 MHz
  • 902 MHz
  • 1296 MHz
  • 2304 MHz
  • 10 GHz

Planned features are listed below.

  • Display revision history for individual beacons
  • Add elevation data to beacons through user input or USGS query
  • Render available line-of-sight map at a specific distance from beacon
  • Provide ability for user to claim ownership role for beacon(s)

Overview and Usage

Upon registering you will receive an email with a link to activate your new account. If you requested beacon owner status you will be able use the site but not enter or update beacon data until your request is approved by an administrator. Once approved for beacon owner status you will only be able to edit data for beacons that you own or maintain. If your local or regional vhf/uhf microwave group has no designated Beacon Spot North America administrator your request for beacon owner/maintainer status may not be apporved in a timely manner.

Administrators are generally senior level officials at vhf/uhf and microwave clubs, societies and organizations. In addition to all general user privilages admins can also approve or reject beacon ownership status requests, activate and deactivate user accounts and more. Admins insure the overall quality of the user base and associated beacon and spotting data. If you are interested in appying for administrator status, register as a general level user then send us some background info about yourself to